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The Fight for Parental Rights
By NC Family Staff
February 12, 2022

Estrada_template.pngOver the past two years, one of the few positives to come out of school shutdowns and a massive rise in schooling from home is that many parents have woken up to the inappropriate content their children are often being exposed to in school. Parents across the country are now fighting back against the rise in radical teaching about identity, sexuality, and more that has been brought on by some progressive school boards, educators, and bureaucrats.

Will Estrada is no stranger to the fight for parental rights, and through his work as president of the Parental Rights Foundation, he has fought to enshrine parental rights in federal and state codes. Estrada joins host Traci DeVette Griggs on this week’s episode of Family Policy Matters to discuss how parental rights have come under attack in recent years, and share the status of various parental rights amendments across the country.

“We are seeing parents from across the political spectrum advance the notion that they should be in charge of their children's education, upbringing, and care,” says Estrada. “This is not just a Republican issue or even a Christian issue. This is something parents all across the board want. They may have different views on how to raise their children, but we respect that and we advance it and we protect it legally here in our country.”

Estrada and the Parental Rights Foundation have been working for years to pass a parental rights amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but they’ve also passed such amendments in twelve states to affirm that “the liberty interest of the parent, and the nurture, education, care, custody, and control of the parent's child is a fundamental right.”

In some ways, the state level is more important than the federal level,” says Estrada. “Most of the interactions a parent will have with a government official are at the state level […] So we put these parental rights statutes in at the state level. In some ways, they may even provide greater protections in day-to-day activities between parents and the government than a federal parental rights amendment would…”

Tune in to Family Policy Matters this week to hear Will Estrada discuss the continued fight for parental rights across the country.

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